An internationally renowned Brazilian-American artist, who moved to the United States in 1988, Florindo’s work is widely acclaimed.  He is responsible for the artistic development of numerous significant museum events in America. 

He has also contributed to several fund raising programs in America and other countries.  He was invited to join the Junior Board of Directors of The Art Institute of Chicago Museum and has also served as a Director and patron of the Old Master’s Society of The Art Institute of Chicago, a world-class museum in the same rank in the U.S. as the MoMa or the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  Mr. Rozante’s works are part of numerous distinguished public and private collections across the world.

Mr. Rozante was also VIP Platinum Featured Artist for Miami Art Basel  -  and also had the full art exhibition called The Best of Basel.

Additionally, he was the featured gallery artist for the Centennial Celebration of The Modern Art Show in NYC.

The essence of Florindo’s work lies in the dualities.  For him ‘Art is life, life is art’.  This extends to his work where he creates the image and the process is completed when the viewer perceives it.  All his art is different and dramatic.  He offers pieces of beautiful classical art as well as dramatic abstract painting and modern metal forms.

Florindo’s new abstract project “Unlimited Semiosis” plays on the duality of the classical and modern style.  One complements and expresses the other - constantly transient, moving between space and inside and out, physically and psychologically.  He is also an impassioned artist who is driven by an urge to convey a message through his art, and the same time, break existing barriers and paint a new definition of art.

florindo rozante
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